Q: Do doctors or practices become upset that they are meeting with a Physician's Liaison rather than meeting with another doctor?

A:  That has not been our experience.  We qualify the prospective referrer rather than pull our client from their normal routine for meetings such as this.  We are knowledgeable enough about our client's practice to be able to answer key questions and in order to assess whether or not the prospective doctor or practice is genuinely interested in meeting with our client.

Q: Does Physician's Liaison Referral Marketing work on commission basis for new patient referrals?

A:  For legal reasons and to present the best impression for your practice, Physician's Liaison Marketing is based on a monthly service fee.

Q: Does Physician's Liaison represent more than one client in the same discipline?

A:  No. Each Physician's Liaison will only represent non-competing clients. Each of our Liaisons work independently of each other so there will be no sharing of competitive information between liaisons. These are the principles that we began with back in 2005 and have adhered to all along.

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A:  We can guarantee that your Physician's Liaison will target the prospects outlined in our client interview process. We can guarantee that after completion of our monthly Referral Marketing, we will have a tremendous amount of information that we've gathered from your prospective referrers including appreciation for our visit, objections, existing referral patterns and much more. Naturally, our best results come in the form of actual patient referrals. Patient referrals are our focus and our goal. The feedback is secondary, but it's often incredibly valuable for our clients.

Q: Do you provide any type of report of journal of your contacts?

A:  Absolutely. Physician's Liaisons journal every single activity to be able to share all the details with our clients.

Q: Does Physician's Liaison provide services in my city or state?

A:  Inquire with us. While our corporate headquarters are in Denver, CO, and our regional office is based in Dallas, TX, we've got reps throughout the United States.

Q: How many clients can one liaison represent, and how do they determine who they are promoting in a single visit?

A:  Physician's Liaisons usually manage only a handful of clients at once. Liaisons are trained to have a plan for promoting only one client per visit in a single office. We also try to space out our visits so as not to upset or confuse an office. When it's appropriate, our Liaisons will explain that they work with other practices.