Physician's Liaison Referral Marketing

Building Relationships That Last!  Commission-free!

For over 13 years our experts have taken on the role of Physician's Liaison while building referral relationships for area healthcare providers. Our unique referral marketing model expands a provider's and practice's referral relationships while drastically reducing wasted time and money spent knocking on doors and catering lunches themselves. Our proven service provides you a trained and experienced Physician's Liaison to meet with area healthcare providers with the focus of expanding your referral network. Your liaison will inform referring providers about your distinguished treatments, specializations, products and services. Our years of industry experience and our successful track record with nearly all specialties give you the peace of mind that your're being well represented.


Dynamic Approach

Through our dynamic approach your Physician's Liaison will tailor your message to the unique needs of your prospective referrers. We understand ahead of time that there are often nuances to your practice that must be considered.  


A Keen Ear

We spend our time promoting you, but rest assured that your Physician's Liaison is also listening attentively to what the prospective referrer has to share. Our reps pay special attention for competitive information on existing referral patterns, strengths, weaknesses or barriers that may exist.


Relationships that Last

Physician's Liaison clients have benefited from referral marketing relationships that have lasted 10 years and counting. We know the perfect formula to build, maintain and multiply referral relationships.


Commission-Free Referrals

Physician's Liaison Referral Marketing is a commission-free service where our experienced healthcare reps build referral relationships for your practice.  The referrals are always free and the relationships are yours to keep.


Non-Competing Representation

We are committed to our clients and will only represent one client per specialty or sub-specialty per metro area.