We're confident, but we leave the bragging up to our clients.

My busy surgery and clinic schedule has limited the time I can devote to meet with other doctors and potential referral sources. Within the first few weeks, Jon has identified more quality leads than we have seen in the last six months! I have been impressed by his professionalism, prompt follow-up, and overall enthusiasm for helping me to grow my business.
— Ophthalmologist, Denver, CO
“The hardest obstacle for a Pharmacist to overcome is getting referral business from providers in the healthcare industry. To have a person out “promoting” the more profitable services offered could add greatly to the bottom line. You have the talent, personality and desire that makes you the perfect person for such a task. Your honesty and integrity will carry you a long way.
— Pharmacist, Owner, Wauwatosa, WI
The professionalism and conversation that Jon presents when meeting new referral sources comes with a feeling of sincerity and pride for my practice.
— Physical Therapist, Owner, Thornton, CO
Jon always came to us with a plan and a vision on how we could become a more profitable business. This made him a valuable tool and asset for our retail industry.
— DME, Urbana, IL
Jon was always available to solve problems and to help promote our business. He has all the attributes you would want in a person representing your company. He is intelligent, ethical, and hardworking. He would be a welcome addition to any company that would hire him.
— DME, Schaumburg, IL
He teamed up with our marketing staff to visit with local physicians, and their staff, to educate and promote our products and services. I believe that the services Jon delivers are invaluable to any small business. His commitment to helping small businesses grow has been evident throughout his relationship with us.
— DME, South Bend, IN
Just a word to let you know that we had another referral from Dr. Hineser today. Dr. Hall continues to send folks our way, too. (That one might be one we cultivated before you, Jon. I don’t remember.) And we had someone in tonight from the Family Medicine Practice. Nice.
Thanks for all the hard work!
— DME, Owner, Westminster, CO